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View Your Grades At A Glance. Formerly Known As SwiftGrade.

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Fast & Free

Never log in to SIS again with automatic authentication. Track your progress and see grades seconds after they load on SIS.

Secure & Supported

MyGrades never shares any personal data and is officially approved by the School District of Palm Beach County Technology Clearinghouse Committee.

Elegant & Intuitive

MyGrades enables you to take control of your classwork with a simple interface - swipe left for recent grades, swipe right for upcoming assignments.

Why MyGrades?

MyGrades, formerly known as SwiftGrade, is a student-developed and supported app created by @GoldinGuy and @Noskcaj from Jupiter High School. Their mission was to develop an intuitive and secure app that would make SIS more accessible and enable students to view their grades on the go.

MyGrades supports 180 schools, is used by over 7000 students in the School District of Palm Beach County, and was covered in the JHS Newspaper War Cry. MyGrades receives updates on a regular basis continuing to improve the app with features like a grade calculator and dark mode, with more to come!

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